Y.O.U. PEEKE Internship Program 2019 Application
An Introduction to PEEKE
The PEEKE Internship Program (Partnerships, Exploration, Experience, Knowledge, Excellence) is a selective internship program offered to 30 high school juniors throughout Cuyahoga County. Applicants who are interested in gaining professional skills and hands-on career exploration experience while earning a stipend and networking in a career field of their interest are encouraged to apply!


Invest in yourself with a Y.O.U. Internship:
Earn the OhioMeansJobs-Readiness Seal. Receive professional skills training. Test drive career options. Participate in a summer internship. Network with industry professionals. Earn money. Prepare for the future.

PEEKE Program Requirements & Eligibility
Before you apply, please consider that the following are requirements for students to to be placed in an internship:

Complete the application process and meet one-on-one with the Internship Specialist in order to be considered for the program.

Note: The application will only be available February 4, 2019 through March 1, 2019. One-on-one interviews will be scheduled as early as February 5, 2019, as applications are submitted. This means the sooner an applicant applies, the sooner the applicant’s interview will be scheduled, and a decision may be made regarding acceptance into the program.

-Attend professional skills training after school and on weekends (March 2019 through May 2019 and August 2019
through December 2019).

-Complete reflection assignments after each training and submit to internship specialist by designated deadlines.

-Complete 180 hours of experiential learning at the internship placement site (Summer 2019).

-Submit completed Career Research Project.

-Verify completion of the OhioMeansJobs-Readiness Seal by December 2019.

-Participate in Year Two and Year Three activities as scheduled (TBD).

-Participate in an exit interview at the conclusion of the experience.

Applicants may start collecting some of the items below in preparation for the release of the application.

-Complete an online application form including a 750-word essay. The essay is guided by eight specific questions. Note:
It is advisable to type and save your essay using another format and pasting your final copy into the application. Be
sure to check for spelling and grammar errors. Once the application is started, it must be finished – applicants are NOT
ABLE to save and return to the essay and application.

-Submit a recommendation form that has been completed by a teacher, guidance counselor, principal or former
supervisor. Note: A link within the application will help applicants send the recommendation form to the person of their
choice. Applicants are strongly encouraged to ask their references for permission to use them as a reference prior to
sending the recommendation link. If your reference would prefer to write their own letter and not use the electronic
form provided, completed letters of recommendation may be emailed to the Internship Specialist, Valerie Slovenec:

-Have a 3.0 GPA or higher. Note: Applicants who do not have a 3.0 but who would like to participate in the program must
submit both a second recommendation form and a written statement outlining why they will be a good candidate for
the program, in addition to showing maturity and determination to succeed. Written statements can be emailed to
Internship Specialist, Valerie Slovenec: vslovenec@youthopportunities.org

-Excellent School attendance the previous school year. No more than three missed days the previous school year.

-Submit a copy of official or unofficial high school transcript to Y.O.U. This will verify your GPA and attendance records.

-Meet with internship specialist for initial one-on-one introductory meeting. Note: The internship specialist will contact
applicants using the email address provided in the application. Once the application is submitted, applicants are highly
advised to check their email inbox twice/day in order to secure the meeting date with the Internship Specialist.

-Commitment to attend activities after school and on weekends.

-If accepted, attend an orientation session with a parent or guardian.

-Ability to complete a 180-hour summer internship (schedules can be accommodated for summer vacations, events,

-Demonstrate maturity and a professional demeanor.

-Demonstrate proper business attire and grooming.

Application Essay & Procedure
PLEASE NOTE: The online application MUST be completed once you start. You are NOT able to save it and return to it later.

WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU WRITE THE FOLLOWING ESSAY IN A WORD PROCESSING PROGRAM AND BEGIN THE APPLICATION WHEN YOU HAVE FINISHED AND SAVED THE ESSAY. You can copy and paste it into the application when you get to the essay section. Be sure to edit for spelling and grammar errors.

Your application essay should respond to all the questions below and must be a minimum of 750 words. The questions are designed to help guide your essay.

1. Explain in your words what an internship is and how participating in the PEEKE Internship Program will benefit you.

2. What are your current career interests and goals for your future? What sparked your interest in that career and how
did you set those goals? (Note: Please feel free to include as many different career pathways or jobs that interest you.
We want to help expose you to as many careers as possible!)

3. As a high schooler, what are you doing now to work towards your career goals? For example, are you taking any
courses that will be helpful in this career pathway? Have you shadowed a professional in this field? Are you involved in
any extracurricular activities that may align with your desired career pathway(s)?
**If you have NOT taken any action to reach these career goals, what could you start doing to work toward these goals?

4. Describe the nature of work for your possible career, including the typical tasks and duties an individual is required to
do on a regular basis. (Note: If you are unsure, feel free to do some research to educate yourself. Find a job description for the position of your interest to better understand what tasks are required regularly.)

5. What is your plan after high school graduation? How will you start your career?
Hint: Describe the education, training and/or certifications needed to become a professional in this career field. Please
include any entry level positions you may work in to get started, along with the pathway of advancement within that

6. Think of someone in your life who you consider to be your mentor. This can be an older sibling, a parent, older family
member, teacher, coach, etc. Why is this person someone you admire? What has this person taught you? Do you
consider this person to be successful? Why or why not?

7. What skills do you think an intern needs to be successful?

8. Describe your ideal internship workplace. This includes location (west side, east side, downtown, specific cities you
are comfortable traveling to), timing and schedule (do you have any summer trips planned, sports schedules, religious
obligations, etc.), and tasks (what aspects of your future career do you definitely want to experience this summer at
your internship). Please include any additional attributes you would envision at your ideal internship site.

When your essay is complete and saved, begin the application on the next page.
Remember that once you begin, you will NOT be able to save the application and continue later.

Once you begin, you will be asked to submit:
-Unofficial Transcripts
-Resume (optional)

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