D219 Technology Leaders Application
Program Objective:
- In facilitating the Board of Education objective No. 3, Anywhere Anytime Learning, we are looking for students who will take the leadership role in assisting fellow students with new 21st century technologies.

Position Summary:
Student leaders will be responsible for:
- assisting students and staff with Chromebook usage
- addressing hardware issues with Chromebooks
- software training
- solving application problems
- tracking and maintaining trouble logs
- complete a year-long individualized project and track it's progress
- other duties as required

- Models good leadership qualities
- Knows the AUP and supports its principles
- Has a good attendance, discipline, and academic record
- Is able to troubleshoot technology calmly and effectively
- Demonstrates patience and tact when working with people
- Can effectively teach, communicate, coach, and tutor peers and teaching staff
- Basic understanding of computer driven technology

- Available at least 2 to ten hours a week, during school.

- Please fill out the form below
- Please have one of your current teachers email a short recommendation to;
Mr. Sihweil at North: abrsih@d219.org
Mr. Phillips at West: craphi@d219.org

- Tech Leadership acknowledgment on High School Transcripts when applying for college
- Capitalize on your free period
- Gain experience and knowledge with online tools that will propel you through college and beyond.

Please use your Google email account. If you have any questions, stop by the Help Desk.

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