Eid Cards 2017

So, as per usual, I'm sending out Eid cards again for this year's Raya. This is a little bit early, considering how I will be graduating a few weeks before Ramadhan, and that I don't know when I will be returning home, so I'm just planning ahead to make sure that anyone who wants an Eid card from me will get one.

Do put in your name & address, and if you want anything extra written on the card (no promises but I will try to!) and I'll send one your way, insyaAllah.

And no worries, this is free of charge. Because, why not, it's RAYA! Time to extend the hands of friendship and forgiveness, and to spread the happiness and joy around with people. :)

Thanks again for participating in this year's #projekkadraya.

Sign ups will be closed on June 1st, or when I run out of cards, whichever comes first. :)

Salam sayang,
Syaza Nazura

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You can put in your address in UK/Australia/US/etc if you're not coming back home for Raya. Also, please include your full address (postcode, city, state) to make it easier for me ;)
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