Where should Bristol Bike Project move to?
The Bristol Bike Project is hunting for a new premises. We need to know where our project users travel from so we can make sure we don’t move somewhere obsolete! For this reason, we are conducting a quick survey. Thanks in advance for your help!
What area of the city do you live in? *
This means general area, no need to be specific. e.g. Easton, Bedminster, St Pauls....
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Why do you visit BBP? *
Are you a volunteer? *
How do you travel to the project?
If BBP moved to one of the following areas how likely would you be to still visit it? *
Very likely
Neither likely nor unlikely
Very unlikely
Barton Hill/Lawrence Hill
St Annes/St Philips
Do you have any opinions on where the project should or should not move to? We'd love to hear your thoughts.
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