Think and Shrink
Thank you for registering for Think and Shrink, a Zoom group that uses Christian Cognitive Behavioral Therapy strategies for a healthier you! This session starts July 27, 2020 and will run for twelve weeks. It will meet at 6:00 PM EST for one hour each week. We will be going through The Beck Diet Solution, by Judith Beck together and adding a spiritual component to it. If you register, I will send you a Zoom link.
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If you feel comfortable please share your current weight. (This will remain confidential. We are asking so that we can see at the end of the twelve weeks how much weight we lost collectively.)
Are you willing to give a 5-7 minute health related Bible-based devotional or give a short health talk during the next twelve weeks or do you know someone who could be a great guest speaker you can recommend? *
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