English 1010 Pre-Test -- FA18
This is the department pre-test to be taken the first week of the semester. Every student in every section of English 1010 and 1010D will take this same test. Data is collected and reported in the aggregate, but no names or student numbers will be used in the reporting. The form asks for your name and student number simply so your instructor knows you took the test. You will take a similar test (i.e. "post-test") at the end of the semester.
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What grade do you expect to receive in this course? *
How confident are you in your ability to write college-level papers? *
In what area do you feel you need the most help with academic writing? *
If this course were optional, would you have still registered for it? *
Before taking this course, did you take English 0990? *
Is this your first, second, or third attempt at taking English 1010 or 1010D? *
Which steps most accurately depict the "writing process"? *
Editing and revising are basically the same thing. *
A research paper formatted to MLA standards should include what? *
Rephrasing someone's quote using your own words is known as what? *
Which is an example of first-person point of view? *
Which statement about thesis statements is true? *
Essays generally are nonfiction. *
Which are typical rhetorical modes used in college papers? *
A peer-reviewed article published in an academic journal is considered to be what? *
The .edu website designation means that the articles and webpages found within can be considered "scholarly." *
The practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as your own is known as what? *
A hasty generalization (coming to a conclusion based on limited information) is an example of what? *
Which sentence is grammatically correct? *
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