Recruitment Closed Playtest-group RnL
We're currently looking for some new play-testers to stress-test our servers and generally find bugs! If you're interessted, make sure to fill in the form and see if you're qualified to join! If you are, we will contact you back via Discord to bring you the good news.

NOTE: Each phase we add play-testers, we have a limited amount of people that are able to join. If you didn't get contacted now, there is a big chance you will get contacted in the future when free spots open up. First come first served.
How old are you? *
Are you available every Sunday to join the playtest at 5pm UTC? *
Do you agree to give us a warning before-hand if you can't make it a playtest session? *
Will you agree to the following: (A) signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), (B)creating a forum account (, (C) posting regular feedback after each test session and (D) creating an account on our bug tracker ( *
Have you joined our Discord Server yet? - This is a requirement, so we can contact you *
What is your Discord username? (Name#0000) *
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