Makers, Hackers & Gamers - the Games MOOC Signup

Welcome! We are doing a MOOC! A Games Based Learning MOOC!
Come join us for our Fall 2013 offering which will be on Makers, Hackers and Gamers (Modders).

Designed using the connectivism learning theory, the Games MOOC is a Massive Online Open Course focusing on game based learning in education. Connectivist MOOCs or cMOOCs started in 2008. Since then there have been a series of these free connectivism open online courses offered. The Games MOOC is informed by their design and implementation.

Since it's a connectivism MOOC, it will not look like a course from Coursera. Besides connectivism learning theory, this MOOC is informed by gaming guild culture and the Gamer Disposition

If you would like to take a look at past Games MOOCs, please go to the Games MOOC site

The topics that we will be exploring are the Maker Movement, Hackathons as educational events, building and creating in Minecraft and other sandbox games, the creativity happening in game mods and add-ons and last but not least Machinima which is screencapture of video games.

We do have three events planned for the 6 week period.

We have a pre-MOOC Minecraft Open House online on Saturday October 26, 2013.

We will be holding a F2F GameCamp on Saturday November 16, 2013 in Westminster, CO at Front Range Community College.

On December 6 and 7, we will be participating in an online Minecraft UnSymposium.
Friday December 6th at 4-8 pm MT
Saturday Noon - 7 pm MT

The Games MOOC is an open course for all educators. The model for participation is based on social network knowledge construction. Learners will be able to be active in the course in several ways from lurking (reading the discussions), to being engaged in game-play to actively creating content in the course with the MOOC designer and Advisory Group. We do understand that a participant’s level of activity may vary based on the individual’s interest in the weekly topics or other time commitments.

So feel free to lurk! As one of our MOOC Advisory Board member says, "Lurk and Learn!"

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