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Join our ever growing list of bloggers! Each and every one of these amazing people gets access to our upcoming titles and pre-made forms to receive so they can choose how they want to get involved with our events!


1) During events like launches, reviews are due to be posted no later than the release date to ensure our authors have the best launches they can.

2) We use an email "list" system so we cannot guarantee individual names will be removed. You are welcome to ignore any emails to the team if you have already posted your reviews.

3) Only sign up if you are committed and able to follow-through during a launch. Strong launches are important, especially for debut authors!

4) Outside of launches, requested titles are only available in eBook format. If at all possible, we request reviews of titles to be completed within four months of requesting the review. If this is not possible, please inform us!

5) Be sure to tag us on any and all social media, blog, etc you plan to post the review! We would love to re-tweet and blog about it!
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