Policies and Procedures Review
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Which of the following can a courtesy patron NOT borrow? *
How would you help a student who is looking for the Libraries' Special Collections department? *
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Which of the following can a student NOT do using MyCONSORT? *
What color is the button you push to activate the microphone to make announcements in Timken?
A student needs to schedule an appointment with a librarian. What would you advise them to do? *
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How many times can an OhioLINK item be renewed? Explain how you found your answer. *
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A student has some questions on how to properly cite a journal article. What resources can you suggest? *
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It's Monday, 9:30 pm during the Fall semester. Can a student get help at the Research Help Desk? *
What should you do if we are completely out of paper (in the printer and in the staff office) for the printer and there are two students waiting to print?
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