Urban Wildlife
Questionnaire on urban wildlife observations during the lockdown.
The first section (a-c) are general questions about wildlife in garden/outdoor spaces.
The second section (1-10) is for you to report any unusual behaviour or sightings of wildlife in urban areas.
a. Have you spent more time in your garden/outdoor space during lockdown? *
A lot less time
A lot more time
b. How much more aware of wildlife in your garden/outdoor space have you been during lockdown? *
A lot less aware
A lot more aware
c. How important for your wellbeing is seeing wildlife in your garden/outdoor space during lockdown? *
Not important at all
Very important
1. Where did the unusual sighting happen? *
2. In which country did it occur? *
3. In which city, town or village did it occur? *
4. What date or approximate date did it happen? *
5. What animal/s was it? *
6. What was observed? *
7. Why was it unusual? *
8. Did you see it yourself or was it someone else? *
9. If you have a link to your own video or images please share link here. Alternatively you can email them directly to d.scott@keele.ac.uk. Shared content will only be used for research purposes.
10. If 'other' source, and you have the link, please add it here..
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