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First of all, thanks for your interest in getting involved in our Summit Production Team Ministry! We are so blessed to have a lot of talented people here at Summit. We make no apologies for setting the bar high and striving for excellence in all we do, but it has to be about bringing our best before God. We are all called to a high responsibility to lead people into the presence of God, and that needs to be in all we do, inside and more importantly outside of the church walls. Our teams, on any given weekend need to come ready and expectant to do just that.
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Positions Available
Media Operator:
Responsible for displaying graphics, lyrics, teaching notes, and videos on the projectors

Light Operator:
Responsible for changing the lighting throughout the service

Camera Operator:
Responsible for operating a camera

Video Switcher:
Responsible for changing camera angles and instructs the camera operators
Also responsible for adding graphics for livestream audience

FOH Audio Engineer:
Responsible for mixing sound in the auditorium - *Mixing Experience Required

Livestream Audio Engineer:
Responsible for mixing sound for livestream - *Mixing Experience Required

Stage Tech:
Responsible for setting up and maintaining stage and tech equipment

Responsible for taking pictures of weekend services and other events

Responsible for recording video of weekend services and other events

Responsible for communicating with the entire team ensuring no important cues or transitions are missed. Also makes sure team members are ready and that audio and visual equipment is recording/streaming on cue

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1 weekend per month minimum.
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