Phage Hunters @ Calvin: Student Application
Use this form to apply to participate in the 2016 - 2017 Phage Research Course at Calvin College. Before continuing, be sure you have read about and are familiar with this program on our website
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Given that you have been admitted to Calvin College, which of the following best describes your status?
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How did you hear about the Phage Hunters @ Calvin course?
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Recommender Information
Who is submitting a recommendation for you?
Select a teacher/advisor who knows you and can comment on your interests and abilities in the sciences. Please direct him/her to the recommendation link on the phage course information page.
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Tell Us A Little Bit About Yourself
How many semesters did you study each of the following subjects in high school?
If your school uses "block scheduling" or some other non-standard scheduling, convert your answers into semester equivalences. A semester equivalence is equal to meeting for one "hour" every day for a semester.
3 or 4
5 or more
Computer science (programming)
Computer tech (no programming)
Other science
Have you taken any of the following AP courses in high school?
If you took a college-level course at a college or university, treat it like an AP course.
Choose one of the following that best describes your scholarly interests at Calvin
If your choice asks you to describe something under 'other', please make sure to check that box also!
Briefly describe your science interests and career goals, and how this course could help you achieve those goals
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Briefly describe your science experiences
What science experiences have you had, either at your school or outside it? What kinds of science do you especially like? Why?
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