Natural Harvest Beef Processing Form
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NOTE: the asterisk (*) next to a selection indicates that it is part of our standard cut. Estimates are based on an approximately 800 lb grain-finished commercial steer that was standard cut. Actual take home amounts will vary with age of animal, how the animal was raised, and how much fat the animal has.

Beef orders are typically ready for pick up 3-4 weeks after harvest. Smoked products, hamburger, and extra hanging time will require more processing time.
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Ribeye *
If receiving a 1/4 please only choose 1 otherwise you can choose 2. This is a fattier cut, good for steaks. 4-5 steaks per 1/4th beef.
Round *
Choose any combination. This is a lean cut. Typically 10# per 1/4th.
Chuck and Arm *
Choose any combination. This is typically made into roasts--the chuck is a fattier shredding roast. About 1 arm roast and 4-5 chuck roasts per 1/4.
Short Loin *
If receiving a 1/4 or a 1/2 please only choose 1 of the options provided otherwise you can choose 2. A moderately marbled, high quality cut. Typically 4-5 steaks per 1/4th.
Sirloin Tip *
Choose any combination. This is a lean cut, good for a slicing roast or grind. Typically 4# per 1/4.
Sirloin *
If receiving a 1/4 please only choose 1 otherwise you can choose 2. This is a leaner cut, good for hearty steaks. Typically 3 steaks per 1/4th.
How THICK do you want your STEAKS cut? *
Choose 1 thickness
How many steaks per pack? *
Ground hamburger tube size *
A standard cut will receive approximately 20%-25% of the hanging weight back in ground burger. It is not possible to make every scrap of meat into a steak or roast, so these scraps are termed "trim", which can become ground beef or optional products as listed in the next question.
Would you like to keep any of the following products? *
If not selected as a cut product, the short ribs/soup bones/brisket will be boned out and added to your ground beef/ground beef products.
Optional Products
If you want a different combination please use OPTIONAL PRODUCT AMOUNTS section. ***Minimum of 10 pound increments required***
10 Pounds
20 Pounds
30 Pounds
1/3 Pound Patties ($1.50/lb)
Summer Sausage ($4.00/lb)
Garlic Summer Sausage ($4.00/lb)
Beef Sticks ($5.00/lb)
Ring Bologna ($4.00/lb)
Jerky ($12.00/lb)
Hot Dogs ($4.50/lb)
Optional Product Amounts
Please note the amount in pounds of your trim of each of the above selected products if applicable. ***Minimum of 10 pound increments***
Optional Products Write In
If the options above are do not fit your needs, please write in here what you would like.
Thank you for your order, please write in any special requests or questions.
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