Staff Application Form
-Must be 13 years or older
-Must have Moderation experience

Rules & Guidelines

-Must have at least 200 words

-Must include detail

-If you are caught lying in your application, you may risk not being able to apply again

-Keep the questions bold and answers unbold, it's very hard to read if both are bold.

-Do not ask staff to read your application

-Do not complain about your results, if you get denied then take the time to learn from your mistakes for next time
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Are you multilingual? (fluent, not learning) if so, list all languages. *
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We ask that Helpers contribute a minimum of 10 hours per week to the Spot SMP. Roughly how much time can you contribute to The Spot? (per day/week) *
Do you have any staff experience? If so please provide what your role was and where you were staff on: *
Have you been punished on The Spot or any other servers? If so, then what was your punishment and how have you been since then? *
What made you choose to apply for The Spot? *
What are your biggest strengths? *
What is your biggest weakness? *
How do you feel about our current staff team? *
What do you have to bring to The Spot that other people that are applying don't: *
Do you have the ability to record a hacker? *
Scenario - Player 1 is complaining in chat that Player 2 is annoying them at their base. In chat, Player 2 is denying this and is saying that Player 1 is causing the issues, this leads to constant back-and-forth in chat between the two. How do you initially intervene? >>
After your initial intervention, you learn: Player 2 is banned from Player 1's claim, Player 2 is constantly following Player 1, getting in the way and not allowing Player 1 to play peacefully. What do you do now you know the situation?
The situation had been dealt with, the topic of conversation in chat has moved on. What do you take from this situation? Would you treat Player 1 and 2 differently moving forward? If so, please explain how.
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