GeyserTimes Feature Submission Form
Please use this form to request a geyser or other hydrothermal feature be added to the GeyserTimes database. A separate form should be submitted for each feature. Sometimes, the team will reach out to you for more information or consult with community experts before reaching a decision.

Note that features without an existing name or designation can be submitted, but these requests will undergo more scrutiny to determine if a designation already exists or should be granted.
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In which geyser basin is the feature located? *
If the specific group is known, please also include that information. Please do NOT use abbreviations and spell out the full basin and group name.
What is the feature's location? *
It is strongly preferred that you enter coordinates in decimal degrees. However, you may also provide a description, being as specific as possible (e.g., "~20 ft north of Fountain Geyser").
If you did not submit coordinates above and have photos that can help us determine the exact location, please provide a URL below or attach them in an e-mail to with the subject heading "New Feature Submission: Photos."
Does the feature have an official name, designation (e.g., UNNG), or an unofficial name that has become "entrenched in local usage?" *
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