Netley Sailing Club Camping booking
We hope that camping can return to “Netley normal” as soon as possible, but as things stand at the moment we expect that there will be a large demand from members for what will be a limited number of spaces.

I know that members will be very understanding as we, and in particular Roz manage a new process.
Before you book, please read and agree to the camping rules
Booking Instructions

Please submit your booking request at least 3 days before you want to arrive. The camping field will be marked into 6m square pitches – enough for a large tent, a smallish camper van with a couple of tents, or a larger camper van. Any adult member can book a pitch – but 2 adult members in the same family trying to book will not make it more likely that you will get a pitch allocated! If there are more people than pitches, Roz will pull names out of a hat to give bookings initially, however, once you have camped, you go to the back of the queue for camping again.


Camping is for members only at the moment.
It is OK for members from 2 households to share a pitch, as long as social distancing is observed.
Maximum of 3 nights can be booked initially.
Tents not to be left unoccupied overnight.
Pitches to be cleared by 4pm on the day of departure.
Please only use the ‘superloo’ just for the toilet and hand washing. The fridge is not to be used and washing up is to be done on your pitch.
Campers are responsible for observing social distancing in the field.
I agree with the booking conditions and rules above *
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