The Mystic Soul Project Conference | SAVOR 2020 | Conference Application
Conference details: Thurs. June 25th - Sat, June 27th, 2020 | Chicago's PRIDE Weekend

Location: The Chicago High School for the Arts, 2714 W Augusta Blvd, Chicago, IL 60622

Who should apply?
First time guests (people who have not attended MSP Conference 2018 or 2019) should fill out this brief application if you'd like to be considered for attendance to The Mystic Soul Conference. This process is to support us and the Mystic Soul Community in creating space that is supportive for all attendees and to ensure for everyone's sake that those who are coming are in a place of openness, capacity and willingness to participate in a non-traditional conference space: one that deconstructs western and colonial frameworks, that intentionally de-centers dominant paradigms and works towards centering POC, trans and queer POC, and engages a spiritual inclusivity towards a variety of spiritual expressions.

Submission of the application is NOT confirmation of attendance. Please wait for our response email for further information. Due to an overwhelming (and beautifully so) number of applicants last year, we will be intentional in this space to accept applicants in a way that is both as inclusive as possible, while also being mindful of the space we are trying to curate to center POC at the intersections of mysticism, activism and healing.

Previous attendees and previously accepted applicants can register directly at our eventbrite page:
You will need to the PROMO CODE to view the ticket options which should have been emailed to you from The Mystic Soul Project. If you did not receive the email with the PROMO CODE by October 1 and you are a previous attendee please email for your code.

This Year's Conference Focus: SAVOR
More about the theme: "The Mystic Soul Conference is a POC-centered, queer/trans inclusive & celebratory space that will offer a series of educational, practical, and interactive workshops as well as healing rituals with teachers and
facilitators holding diversity of wisdom and lineages. Throughout the process of our time together we will
work in community to tackle some of the difficult issues of trauma, racism, privilege and oppression through a
contemplative framework. However, SAVOR 2020 specifically seeks to encourage guests, participants, and community members to find - and to relish in - the spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual spaces of ease, pleasure, and joy on
the road to liberation!"

Register through Novemer 15, 2019 for access to the EARLY BIRD RATES!

Early Bird General Admission: $179.00
Early Bird General Admission + Mystic Soul Prom:  $199.00
Early Bird Student & Activist Admission: $119.00
Early Bird Student/Activist Admission + Mystic Soul Prom: $139.00

General Admission: $199.00
General Admission + Mystic Soul Prom: $229.00
Student & Activist Admission: $139.00
Student/Activist Admission + Mystic Soul Prom: $169.00

If you have any additional questions feel free to email us at For more information on The Mystic Soul Project check out our website at: For more information on the conference and updates visit:

**Points of reference: the term POC means People of Color, the term QTPOC means Queer and Trans People of Color, the expression "gender pronoun" refers to the way you'd like to be addressed when others are referring to you.**
Email address *
What is your full name? *
What are your gender pronouns (how are you addressed personally)? *
City/State/Country of residence? *
Phone Number: *
Age: *
How did you hear about the Mystic Soul Conference? *
Have you attended a Mystic Soul Conference in prior years? (Note: if so, feel free to purchase your ticket for SAVOR 2020) *
If accepted to attend, would you plan to sign up to attend the reception as well as the conference ($30 for the reception aka "Mystic Soul Prom" which will be held off-site but local to the conference space)? *
How would you religiously or spiritually identify (denomination, faith tradition, non-religious, spiritual lineage, western religious, eastern religious, indigenous or tribal spirituality, or however you define your spiritual path)? *
How would you racially, ethnically or culturally identify (however you define your own identity in whatever way feels authentic to you)? *
The Mystic Soul Conference is a Trans & Queer inclusive space as well as a spiritually inclusive space. This means that we respect and honor all of our own radical difference and the beauty of that - whether it be across a wide gender and sexual identity spectrum or a wide spiritual identity spectrum. To attend this conference you must be willing and able to respect and affirm all of this multitude of radical and beautiful difference. Are you willing and able to do so? NOTE: understand that a "no" to this question will mean that you cannot be considered for attendance at the conference. *
Why do you want to attend the conference? How does it relate to your own spiritual, emotional and action-in-the-world journey (as you are comfortable answering)? What value or impact do you think being in the conference space will have on that personal journey? *
What is your occupation/title/role in your work? What are your passions beyond a title as they relate to your work, mission and vision for the world? *
The Mystic Soul Conference is invested in the ongoing work of de-centering dominant paradigms of power and supremacy. We are invested in the ongoing work of decolonizing models of spirituality. We are also invested in addressing ways to dismantle & to heal from the impacts of spiritual supremacy (defined here as practices which prioritize the constructed "white" and "western" models of spirituality, healing and activism). How do you engage with "decolonization" or de-centering "supremacist" frameworks (internally and / or externally)? How do you hope to engage with this deeper, in yourself, and in community at the conference? *
The focus of this year's conference is "SAVOR" (learn more about the theme in the description above). What does this mean to you as it relates to your own journey? What does it mean to you related to centering POC? What does the word "SAVOR" bring forward in your own thoughts, reflections and imagination? *
The Mystic Soul Conference is a space that will consistently work to reverse the paradigms of our existing Western world -- meaning we will prioritize the voices of marginalized persons, POC, QTPOC, and work to ensure that our space is crafted towards that end. When you consider whatever privilege you might carry in the world (we can hold privilege at various levels - as a man, as a heterosexual woman, as a white person, as someone with full physical functioning - without disability, and so on), are you willing to abdicate some of that privilege to offer that up for those who are often less heard or seen? Are you willing to see the expression of your own privilege as it shows up in spaces? What might that look like for you? *
We have found that The Mystic Soul Conference creates space for deep wrestling with our experiences and often transformative openings into new ways of being. Caring for self in the midst of this work is critically important. What practices will be supportive for you to care for yourself over the course of the conference? *
Anything else you think we should know about you, your work, your passions, your vision for the world? And how it intersects with The Mystic Soul Project Vision? *
Are there any specific conference interests that you'd like to hear more about? Please check those that apply.
VOLUNTEER | Are you willing or wanting to be a volunteer for the conference? There are a limited number of volunteer spots (volunteers receive free admission to the conference and the reception). (If not, please SKIP). If so, please choose **no more than** 2 key areas of interest.
VOLUNTEER | Let us know skills and capacities do you have related to volunteer duties (ex: I am really engaged in creative arts or contemplative practice, I am good at lifting and moving heavy objects, I have technical and mechanical skills, I have experience with podcasts and virtual media, I have been an administrative support person before, I have organized volunteer teams)?
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