Earn Merits By Donating Blood (Fill Your Details Here)
Trashiyangtse District Hospital, like any other hospital, receives critical patients who
need urgent blood transfusion time to time. We have transfused to 93 and 62 patients
in 2016 and 2017 respectively. These excludes those patients who were send to
Trashigang along with blood packs for transfusion at Trashigang hospital.
Currently, the global blood shortage is approx. 40 million units every year.
Our scenario at Trashiyangtse is heart-breaking too. We often see patients and party
desperately looking for blood donors at odd hours with unsuccessful results. The
situation is a nightmare for those with poor social connections and low education
level. Trashiyangtse hospital doesn't have a blood storage facility so far. We have
plans for that but the till then, we need to find an alternative.
We have decided to maintain an inventory of potential blood donors at the hospital
and call the donors at times of need.

Once we receive the name list, technical team will come to your institute and screen them using our criteria to assess their fitness as a donor. Along with the fitness assessment, as a complement, we can even screen you for NCDs and health education.
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