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Welcome to our PWB application!
You are on the first step in being involved in coordinating a PWB project, How exiting!
The form covers your normal contact information stuff, but also gives you an opportunity to share with us your experience and reasons for wanting to lead a PWB tour.
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Our application process for coordinators is normally conducted between March to May with occasional further oppertunities if they arise.
First step is this form, followed if successful to video interviews, these will be conducted by our managerial staff.
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Tour Coordinators Role and Duties
To be a Tour Coordinator for a PWB tour is a challenging role- but it is not without its rewards. You will be part of a diverse humanitarian team delivering performing arts internationally.

You will need to be prepared to dedicate time and energy to this role and will be expected to see your role as the facilitator in both delivering the project to the volunteers and the benificieries. During this process you will be the first point of contact for both the volunteers and the partner organisations that we work with.

It would be most beneficial for you to have taken part as a volunteer on the tour that you are applying for but it is not a prerequisite. To have an understanding about the country you will be in is important as you will be navigating your team through the journey from preparing them for the trip and guiding them throughout the tour.

You will have responsibilty for maintaining the tours legal and ethical compliance and communicating throughout with the tour team and wider PWB management.

Here at PWB we developed our 'Big Top Doc' booklet, this explains how tours run and explains and prepares the volunteers for each tour.

Tour coordinator is a voluntary position however PWB pays for the basic costs of your tour, including your:
- Tour contribution (which covers your accommodation, transport and 'per diem' (a modest budget for food)
- Insurance
- Visa
- Flights.
- All office expenses on tour including paper, phone credit etc
You are expected to cover all of your own personal costs including any costs outside of the tour dates, you can expect that to be at least £500 for basic living if you travel close to either side of the tour dates.

Duties pre-departure: May-Dec
-Team administrative work
- Interview and help administrate the application process
- Develop in cooperation with other previous volunteers including tour coordinators each of the projects plans.
- Support all volunteers on their fundraising targets.
- Be available for your team on your team whats app channel regularly.
- Reporting back to your Tour Manager on a weekly basis.

Duties on Tour:

Boot camp
-Arrange and book accommodation and per diems
-Organise bootcamp activities
- Meet team from airport and make their arrival in the country as pain free as possible ☺
- Plan and run activities to develop show and syllabus practicalities
- Explain and confirm in full all information from the Big top Doc to help navigate the tour with the team systematically.

On Projects:
- Book accommodation
- Manage the team decision making processes
- Create weekly schedules and keep meetings on task
- Deal with questions from the team
- Conflict and problem resolution if escalated from the Team Mum role
- Help facilitate the team to book transport, accommodation and food
- Look after the PWB money Card and draw money out as requested by finance officer. Create food and travel budgets, use previous years to guide you on this – Finance officer keeps records, look over weekly with them.
Keep records of transactions over £10 or equivalent - signatures/witness recorded- finance officer as witness
- Perform in the show (as decided with your team)
- Teach (as decided with your team)
- Keep a record of the kit donated and previously donated kit at the projects
- Help out video/newsletter peoples as necessary
- Organise project workshops and shows, communicate with partners, organise outreach
- Send a (minimum) of a monthly update to your Tour Manager with updates on team dynamics, partner organisations, outreach work and anything else that you feel may be relevant.
- Look after your team and organize feedback and evaluation sessions
- Be prepared to take control of challenging situations involving your team
- Ensuring that all important information and events are escalated to PWB management to be advised

Working with organisations:
- Liaise with partner organisations (may require visiting partner before project starts).
- Make sure team and organization are both happy, feedback to team any information needed, keep an ongoing daily feed.
- Make sure organization is aware of PWB’s needs
- If extra hands are needed translating/child managing etc.
- Visit potential new partner organisations
- Find and liaise with other organisations for outreach work and record for future reference

- Ongoing briefs and debriefs with the team
- Recording any incidents through our Incident report form
- Ensure recording of all workshop data though designated PWB processes

We know it seems like a lot of work but your will come away from a tour with a wealth of knowledge, experience and memories!

You will have a management team behind you to support you all the way through this journey and be carrying the PWB legacy onwards for future tours.

Just so you know....
We need all of our volunteers to understand some things when they apply for a tour!
Please tick to confirm that you are available for the dates specified by the tours that I am applying for.
Please note that tour itineraries are subject to amendments for each tour for its individual needs
Please tick that you understand that all required paperwork must be submitted before you may participate in a tour
Medical Information
Taking part in a project means that PWB has a duty of care to all of our volunteers. To do this we need to have an understanding of any medical issues that may affect your abilities on tour.
Any information will only be visible to PWB management and the information is only stored for supporting any medical emergencies or incidents under the organisations duty of care. If you are concerned or have any further questions please leave blank and contact us directly.

The following question is to confirm that you are fit to take on the tour and minimise the risk to yourself and ensure the tours success. That you have no known emerging or on going conditions that could cause yourself or others harm.

Tick to confirm that you have no ongoing medical conditions that could jeopardise the health and safety of yourself or the project.
If in any doubt contact your doctor and notify your Tour Manager. We aim not to store sensitive information however you may need to disclose information for your own and others wellbeing.
About you
We have so many different types of people on PWB tours ranging all ages, abilities and personalities. So lets hear about them!
Can you introduce yourself?
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Your Experience
This is our section about sharing your experience in the main aspects of leading a team with PWB. You may want to include situations whilst on your previous PWB tour if it is suitable. This can be confidential if required within the PWB management team.
Experience in Managing teams
Have you managed an effective team before? What was your task? What was your role within it?
Your answer
Can you tell us about a time when a decision you made was challenged and how did you resolve it?
Tell us about a time when you were challenged on a decision that you made, it might be any situation that you have experienced either a right or wrong decision. How did you deal with it?
Your answer
Experience in conflict resolution
Can you tell us about a time in which you experienced conflict in your life and how you resolved it? This could be a situation between friends, work colleagues or relevant situation.
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Organisational Skills
Can you give us an example where you have organised a complex task with multiple factors to consider. Whilst on tour this role require multitasking and organising at various levels and will always include a need to be adaptable.
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Working in challenging environments
Can you explain a situation in which you worked in a challenging environment? How did you cope with it at the time and how did you think retrospectively about your actions?
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Previous PWB tours
Can you tell us a bit about your previous experience volunteering on a PWB tour (or other relevant experience)? How were the group dynamics, what would be the things you would have done differently?
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Leading the team under pressure
You will be under pressure perhaps more than the team members, so think honestly about your self awareness and ability to lead a team under sometimes difficult circumstances. When there is lots to cover in a tour if nobody volunteers for a job as coordinator you will have to deal with this situation either assign it or escalate for support through the management team. Are there any aspects of leading the tour that you are already of aware that concern you?
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What do you think you would enjoy in leading your team? What excites you about this opportunity?
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Further information
You can include here any other information that is relevant to support your application.
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Referee Details
Whilst on tour you will predominantly be woking with orphans and venerable children (OVCs) who may have had a difficult start in life. Children are venerable anyway, and OVCs particularly so. This means that all of our volunteers need to supply us with references in this form and further on in the selection process a police check also. We do this to keep everyone physically, mentally and legal safe.
This should be someone in your community that knows you well and can verify your conduct.
Referee Name
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Referee's Relationship to you
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Referee email address
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Referee phone number
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Let us know your own availability for interview in the next few weeks.
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You've reached the end!
You've completed your first step in applying for a PWB tour!
We will be in touch soon

All the best of luck from everyone here at Performers Without Borders

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