Boston Immigration Stories: Call for Submissions
Boston Immigration Stories is documenting our Asian and Pacific Islander communities' histories of immigration and migration to Massachusetts. Our community is the fastest growing racial group in the United States and Boston has long played a significant role in providing us home and support. Chinese people are the second largest group of foreign born residents in the Boston metropolitan area. Vietnamese people built the first Vietnamese community center in the country in Dorchester. One of the largest concentrations of Cambodians in the United States is in Lowell. A growing Nepalese population is thriving in Somerville and Cambridge. Our communities call the Greater Boston Area home and we claim the right to this space as immigrants, migrants, and refugees.

This project is a collaboration of the Asian American Resource Workshop (AARW) and Greater Boston Legal Services - Asian Outreach Unit (GBLS - AOU).

We created this form to submit stories about how immigration and migration has impacted our lives and that of our families. We see this project as a way to document family histories from our community's lens and perspective and as a way to pass down these narratives to future generations. We also see this project as an opportunity to engage in these conversations inter-generationally. We hope this project creates space for us in Boston to come together and share stories to foster healing and action. Through the act of storytelling, we hope to engage in issues around immigration and deportation.

Guidelines for Submission:
1) We encourage submission of stories from people in the Greater Boston
Asian and Pacific Islander community
2) We intend to share these stories with the public, but wish to respect confidentiality and can
publish stories anonymously.
3) We encourage you to submit your story in the medium that will best work for you,
including writing, video, audio recording, photography, etc.

We will be in contact with you to let you know about upcoming Know Your Rights trainings, events, and other outreach efforts and opportunities. For updates, you can also visit our website:

While we are focusing on story submissions from people in the Greater Boston Area, if you would like to participate in this project, but live outside of Boston and/or Massachusetts, we encourage and welcome your submissions.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to
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Tell us your story. (If you prefer, you can send us a photo with caption, audio recording, video recording, etc. to Whichever medium works best for you.
We encourage you to tell us your story in a way that best captures your thoughts about immigration and migration in Boston. If you hare having trouble starting the conversation with family members or identifying a starting point to tell your own story, here are some guiding questions:

1) When did you leave your country?
2) When did you immigrate to the U.S.? (this includes migration histories)
3) Why did you leave?
4) How did you immigrate/migrate to/in the U.S.?
5) What was your last memory of the country/home you and/or your family left before coming to the U.S. or another part of the country?
6) How was it like adapting to life in the U.S. or a different community upon first arriving? 7) What was growing up in your country/hometown like?
8) What do you and/or your family miss from your country/hometown? 9) When was the first time you learned that you come from an immigrant family? 10) When, if ever, do you remember first feeling othered, better or different because of your immigrant identity?
11) Is there a significant moment in your personal history that makes you think about the impact of the immigration system on you and/or your family? If so, when/what?
If you wish to submit your story partially or fully in writing, you can share it here:
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Please submit your photo(s) to with "Immigration Story Project Photo/Video Upload" in the subject line. If you would like to add caption/text to your photo(s), you can include that in the body of your email when you send it.
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