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Skooglo is the website we are creating. The idea is that if you would like to learn something, anything: sailing, maths, tennis, french, fast typing, plumbing, sign language, painting, drawing.. (ad infinitum) you can go to the website/app we are proposing, find someone who is good at it and who lives close to you, in your city, be able to see their profile, references that other people left them and -- if you wish -- be able to book an hour or two (or any number you'd like) of their time, pay online and meet them to learn from them! Simple :-)

We believe that someone in your neighbourhood/city may be an expert in something you're interested in learning but you may not be aware of him/her.. yet :-)

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Anything really - skateboarding, flower arranging, algebra, spanish, swimming, etc...
We are creating a service to connect people who are good at something (anything!) and people who would like to meet up with them and learn from them - would you consider using such a website/app to look for someone who lives nearby to help you learn a new skill? *
Note that the emphasis is on meeting in person in contrast with learning online. All done with no restrictions or minimum number of hours, so you could pay for an hour, meet the person to learn or teach something then stop if you wish to.
How much would you expect to be paid to teach your skill to someone?
As an indication if your currency is different from the Pound sterling: £10 is roughly equivalent to €12 or $16..
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