EPIC F.H.M.B.C. Racer Preregistration
FHMBC Fall series is now the one day EPIC FHMBC. So the race is one day Saturday September 29th, and starts at 10am.

This year we are thrilled to announce Epic FHMBC an approximately 26-mile course it is the extreme version of the classic Farmall Hill Mountain Bike Challenge. The course has been elongated from a 3-mile course to over 5 miles for a single loop with aggressive climbs, short descents, and technical single-track sections through the forest. Racers able to complete the 5 laps of the Epic FHMBC will have completed about 4,000 ft of climbing, 90% on single track and the remaining on open grass double track. (Sprint class which will do only two laps will have about 1600 ft of climbing)

Please check your email for the PayPal invoice, in order to qualify for preregistration discounts, payments must be received by the appropriate deadline.

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Registration Fees:
Registration Fees: Sprint Solo Team
Until 9/1/18 $40 $60 $80
Until 9/27/18 $60 $80 $100
Race day 9/29/18 $100 $120 $140

Race fees are not refundable. Substitutions are acceptable through the 27th.

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