Rural Transport survey
From conversations we have been having with various people in light of the recent withdrawal of rural bus services, we recognise that this situation is proving difficult for some residents of South Northamptonshire.

We are keen to understand the impact these changes are having on you and your communities and we would be really grateful if you could complete this survey.

We intend to use insights gained from this questionnaire to consider if any of our services could be part of a solution to the current difficulties.

1. Please tell us the name of the town or village where you live *
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2. Which age groups are represented in your household?
3 . Do any members of your household have difficulty with mobility?
4. If so, please could you tell us what they are?
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5. What is the main method of transport used by your household?
6. Would you be interested in an alternative method of transport which may be more convenient?
7. Please tell us about your most common destinations
8. How is your life limited by a lack of affordable transport?
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9. What other activities, currently unavailable to you, would you be able to take part in if you had access to an alternative regular affordable local transport?
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10. Please let us know if you have any concerns or ideas which are not addressed in the previous questions
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