IoT & AI Pioneers Competition
Fostering Innovation and Entrepreneurship across UAE. IoT pioneers competition framework scope is to encourage participants’ creative minds and their brilliant ideas, to play an active contribution in the Fourth (4th) Industrial Revolution including Smart City, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) evolutions.

Competition Stages:

Phase 1: Idea Submission
1- Announcement
2- Idea Submission Deadline: 28 March 2019
3- Shortlisted Announcement
4- Shortlisted Interview

Phase 2: Project Delivery
1- Project Delivery Kick off
2- Evaluation & Review
3- Project Delivery Deadline
4- Final Panelist

Competition Rules:

1- Use U5GIG lab for the project development.

2- The idea should be under 4th Industrial revolution, IoT, AI and Smart city domains following themes: (Health, Education, Security and Safety, Social development and Environment).

3- The idea must be practical, applicable and based on industry demand.

4- You must attend the conducted workshops.

5- The final outcome must be a customer oriented product.

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