Panivox Creatives
Panivox is working on a new, unique creative App platform.
This enables game designers, writers, podcasters, audio designers and voice over actors to easily create a new type of entertainment that will be released later in the year.
We are looking for creatives that would like to help in testing out the toolset and give us the feedback so we can make improvements before it goes public.
This is not paid work, sorry, but you own all content you create.
We may offer to purchase high quality work that helps support our launch.
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Which creative areas are you most interested in? *
Which computer systems do you use? *
Which country do you live in? *
English skills? (Whilst ultimately the App will be multi-lingual, we are initially only working in English language] *
Your age group? *
Do you consider yourself a professional or hobby creator? (Professional = paid regularly for content creation). *
Which creative endeavours have you recently created that may be relevant?
Your hobbies and interests? We believe that our new platform will enable creators to share their passion, creativity and knowledge in new ways.
What platforms do you create and post on? *
I acknowledge that I retain copyright of any work I create in the App. and that my work can be shared to other Panivox users. (If you want to remove your work at any point, you will be able to). *
I am able to create digital creative works outside of any employment that potentially may earn money and that I have no conflict of interest in doing so. *
I understand that by taking part in this early access programme that software and information shared with me by Panivox is confidential. I confirm I will not share this information until it is publicly released or I receive written permission from Panivox. I also consent to Panivox storing and using the information I give purely for the purpose of improving the software in development. *
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