2018-2019 Newlin Car Rider Tag Registration
This year at Newlin we will be starting a new tag system for our car riders. In order to receive a car tag, please take the time to fill this form out. Please list all of your children under the Student(s) Name(s) question. Your children will all be assigned the same car tag.
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Student(s) Name(s) and Grade Level(s) *
Please list all students, in this family, that will be car riders. Use the format: Last Name, First Name, Grade Level
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Please let us know how many car tags you will need: *
Two tags will be provided to each family free of charge. If you have a need for more tags, please use the option of "other" to indicate the number of tags requested. If you request additional tags an ID is required
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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