POrtalBurn 2019 Theme Camp & Placement Form
Please review the POrtalBurn FAQs before submitting this form.
Here's the link. www.portalburn.com/faq/

Use this form to:
-have your Theme Camp listed in the HELP Guide
-request placement for Theme Camps, including Sound Camps
-request placement for Fire Art, either within a Theme Camp or as a standalone
-request placement for On-site Parking

Finish this form by 11:59pm on 7/1. You can continue to edit your submission with the URL provided by email until then.

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Any camp with amplified sound must apply for placement.
Please review the sound policy: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13pqA_K6xtyq24CB8bejkeqIZIgYma9L21I5iZ_YPrWs/edit?usp=sharing

Any Fire Art or Flame Effect must apply for placement, either as part of a Theme Camp or alone. An artist's statement must be submitted for each placed artwork. Read more about it here: https://portalburn.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/POrtalBurn-Art-Practices-PAP.pdf

Any Onsite Parking must be approved; this includes any vehicle or trailer that you plan to live or sleep in during the event. Passenger vehicles will be parked offsite, cannot be used for sleeping, and do not need to apply for onsite parking placement.

Is there a better way for us to contact you than email?
Phone? Text? Facebook? Smoke signals? Make sure to give us your digits or Facename if that's what you prefer.
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Please use your REAL NAME (and your Playa name in parentheses.) YOU will be the point person for any and all communications and making sure the camp/art/on-site vehicle abides by any POrtalBurn rules or guidelines, including sound, fire and leave no trace.
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