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Please be specific so we can avoid miscommunication
*Photo Reference for gemstone crystal choices available on our IG @dianna.yqr
** Cash and Etransfer available
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to DM me
IG: @dianna.yqr
Inquiry Email: dearlydianna@gmail.com
Etransfer Email: dianna63095@gmail.com
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Bracelet 15
Sole Earrings 4
Ampoule Earrings 7
Day Dream Earrings 10
Irune Necklace 12
Sole Necklace 12
Honey Anklet 12
Isla Anklet 15
Write down design name of bracelet, size, and quantity.
Sky Elliot - Purity - Piper - Poe - Magma - Ezekiel - Eve - Elise - Elena - Atreo - Tai
Kids - 5 inches
Regular - 6.5 inches
Larger - 7.5 inches
*If a different size is needed, please just write it down
*Photo references with names available on IG page @dianna.yqr
Bracelet orders - Please list below
Sole Earrings
Ampoule Earrings (Silver)
Ampoule Earrings (Gold)
Day Dream Earrings (Gold)
Irune Necklace
Sole Necklace
Honey Anklet
Isla Anklet
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Etransfer Payment
Email: dianna63095@gmail.com
Password: dearlydianna
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It will most likely be a contact-free mailbox pick up because of COVID restrictions
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