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Many Iowa landowners want to offer affordable land options to sustainable food producers, but they're not convinced you exist! You can help by taking the next 5 minutes to tell us a little about yourself.

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There are two ways farmers can access affordable land through SILT.

1. SILT is developing a list of affordable farms for private ownership. SILT protection reduces land costs by an estimated 45 percent, but that means every owner from here on out must keep it primarily in sustainable food production. Sustainability guidelines here:

2. SILT also offers 20-year (maximum by IA law) renewable, inheritable ground leases with the option to gain equity in the house, barns and other infrastructure. No down payment, no mortgage interest. Vetting policy and application process here:

Please respond to this survey if you believe you'll have any level of interest in a SILT land access option now or in the next few years. Thank you!

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