Content Contributor Application
Hey, we're glad you're here. We would love your help in creating a more open-minded and informed society.

Role Description:
You'll collaborate closely with the Impact team to create viral content about sh*t that matters. You'll have a voice in deciding what we create and post, influencing hundreds of thousands of people each day.

What we need from you:
šŸ’™ You are passionate about making an impact, especially when it comes to social issues.
šŸ“„ You keep up with pressing issues and care about them.
šŸ–„ You love researching interesting topics related to history and social issues.
āœļø You are great writer with a clear understanding of grammar and style.
šŸ‘„ You have a desire to learn and grow.
ā± You have 10 free hours each week to work with us.

Applications are due November 22nd, 2020. Position length is 2 months. Role is unpaid.
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