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How Many (if any) Passion to Paychecks Events Have You Attended?
Have you been a part of the Media Passionista Group before, if so, which years? 17,18,19?
What do you think you could get from playing a larger part of the Passionista & Passion to Paycheck community? (*However that will look.)
What do you think you could CONTRIBUTE by playing a larger part of the Passionista & Passion to Paycheck community? (Events & to peers.)
Please tell us your brief story XO (really)
What is your GREATEST accomplishment? (Brag baby.)
What is your favorite part of the event/community or book? If you haven't attended, which component looks like it'd be a great fit!
What do you think could be *added to the community/event? What is something you'd like to see!
Have you ever heard of a mastermind conversation/group? (Yes/No.) Do you think you could benefit from other *business, *mindset or *industry chats? If so (Which) & (Why)
* Our new PtoP partners will be structuring an incredible community board, community, as well as media group. They'll be going over, with our founder, the aspects to best benefit the heck out of those committed! Please stay tuned with more info/perks & events between now and next update. 1st in person meeting will take place *August 2019! ARE YOU READY?
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Please acknowledge someone today! (From family, to "the starbucks guy") let someone know they are seen & doing a fabulous job.
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