Daily Session Form 1
This evaluation form is to be filled by the participants every end of a session.
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In this session the... *
Strongly Disagree (SD)
Disagree (D)
Agree (A)
Stongly Agree (SA)
session started on time
session ended on time
topic was relevant to our work
objectives of the session were achieved
activities were congruent to obectives
activities were appropriate for adult learners
participants were engaged in activities
learning materials were relevant
learning materials were adequate
learning materials were given on time
time allotment was adequate
The facilitator... *
Strongly Disagree (SD)
Disagree (D)
Agree (A)
Stongly Agree (SA)
exhibited mastery of the topic
expressed ideas clearly
asked stimulating questions
processed questions and responses to deepen learning
was sensitive to the participants' mood
maintained positive learning environment
observed appropriate attire
1. Comments/ Suggestions for improvement of the session:
 2. What is your most significant learning for the day?
3.What will you do differently in your work, because of your learning?
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