Re-Opening School Year 20-21 Parent Survey
The administrative team has been working through scenarios in preparation for the reopening of school while awaiting guidance and/or mandates from the Governor's office and the Clinton County Health Department. Part of our planning and preparation for reopening the school year is gathering information and opinions from our parents.

Although the below survey is a little longer than our first "technology" survey, it is just as simple. We ask that you take a few minutes to complete this second survey. Your input in conjunction with the anticipated state and local recommendations or requirements will allow us to finalize our plans in the coming weeks.

Keep laughing and learning,
Blanchester Schools Administrative Team
How many students in your household attend a school within the Blanchester Local School District? *
Does the pandemic make you feel uncomfortable sending your child to school this fall? *
If the state permits schools to open in the fall, do you plan on sending your child into one of the district's school buildings? *
Social distancing, wearing a mask and temperature checks seem to be popular guidelines. Please select the health safety practices you would agree with if school were to open with traditional learning or blended learning. *
If your child is required to wear a mask during certain parts of the school day will your child attend school? *
Which of the following educational options would you prefer the district to implement for the 2020-2021 school year? *
If you had a choice between a Virtual Learning or Traditional/Blended Learning which would you choose? *
If transportation were deemed "impractical" to bus students to and from school this Fall due to social distancing, the district might have to implement what is called a "Payment In Lieu Of option" (Payment In Lieu Of is... the district would reimburse families to transport their children to and from school). Do you have the means to transport your child to and from school? *
Before we finalize our reopening plans, do you have any questions or concerns you would like to make us aware of?
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