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All Star Programs at LCC
FUNDAMENTALS - Introductory Class
No experience required, classes divided primarily by age
Athletes who turn 4-11 years old in 2020, or 3 by the first day of class
Once weekly class
12 weeks each term (Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring)
One gym performance on last day of class

NOVICE - Non-competitive Performance Teams
No experience required, teams divided primarily by age
Athletes who turn 4-12 years old in 2020
Once weekly practice
October through March
Perform at 3 competitions and 1 gym showcase

PREP - Entry-level/Lower Commitment Competitive Teams
No experience required, teams divided by age and skill level
Athletes who turn 5-16 years old in 2020
Once weekly practice during summer, twice weekly practice during school year
July through March/April
Compete at 5 competitions and 2 gym showcases

ELITE - Experienced/Full Commitment Competitive Teams
Experience required (cheer, gymnastics, or tumbling), teams divided by age and skill level
Athletes who turn 10-18 years old in 2020, or turn 19 in second half of 2020 (younger athletes can be invited to join elite if they have advanced skills)
Twice weekly practice
July through April/May
Compete at 8-9 competitions and 2 gym showcases

CHEERABILITIES - Special Needs Exhibition Team
No experience required, team comprised of athletes with Special Needs
Athletes ages 5-20
Once weekly practice
September through March
Perform at 2-3 competitions and 2 gym showcases
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New Members Only - How did you find out about Lions Cheer Company? (if you were referred by a current member, please list their name here)
New Members Only - Please describe your athlete's previous cheer or tumbling experience, if any.
Current tumbling skill level your athlete has mastered without needing a spot: *
Stunting position(s) your athlete has experience in: *
What other activities will your athlete be participating in during the season? *
Based on the activities above, are there any weekdays (4:30pm and later), or weekend days that your athlete is unavailable on a regular basis? Please list days, times, and during what months this would affect: *
We will be conducting Q&A calls with both new and returning families. These are optional, but will be a great way for you to get your questions answered, and for us to meet new families. Would you like to have a call scheduled? *
If you answered yes to wanting a call scheduled, please provide the ideal day/time for that call.
OPTIONAL - What other information would you like us to know about your athlete?
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You will receive an email to both addresses above with additional information regarding the program(s) you are interested in and the registration steps, as well as scheduling options if you requested a Q&A call. The email will be sent to you from and you will receive it within 24 hours of submitting this form. We look forward to seeing everyone soon! Thank you and Go LCC!
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