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Dear TypeRacer Fan,

You can fill out this form to recommend your favorite quotes for TypeRacer.  Texts should be grammatically correct and fun to type. Texts that are extremely difficult to type (full of punctuation, numbers, or strange words) are less likely to be accepted, and anything that is depressing/offensive will automatically be rejected. We're trying to keep it light :) If the quote is thought-provoking or funny in some way, that's a plus!

We thank you for your recommendations!
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This is name of the book/movie/song that your quote comes from.
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We ask that you provide an identification number of a publication that contains the text. We need this identifier to show a picture of the item at the end of the race. All English books, movies, and songs will have an ASIN or ISBN-10 number displayed in the details section of the content's Amazon product page.
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