RecycleMania Pledge and Quiz (4-5 minutes)
You play a crucial role on our campus as a waste reducer. From February 1 - March 28, The University of Iowa is competing against the Big Ten to increase our recycling and decrease our waste. Avoid that landfill!

This RecycleMania Pledge will grow your knowledge and give you the opportunity to take the UI to the top of the RecycleMania leaderboard. The UI got 2nd last year. Let's get 1st this year!

The pledge requires 5 minutes to complete. It is foundational to our 2-month competition, and it'll teach you a lot about recycling!

Basic Information (1 minute)
The following basic information enables us to:

1) Enter you into a raffle to win a reward.
2) Understand who and how many this competition is reaching.

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Which best describes you?
If others close to you (e.g. family, friends, significant other) were asked, how important would they say the health of our environment is to you?
Faculty and staff, in which building do you primarily work?
Students, if you live in the residence halls, in which dorm do you live?
If you do not live in the residence halls, please choose answer #1.
Did you log participation in any RecycleMania activities last year?
List the assist: If a person informed you about this activity, who was it? Enter the person's name to recognize the "assist," which enters the person's name into the weekly drawing.
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Did you know? (2 minutes)
Recycling is pretty easy. However, we all come from different places, and just a few uncertainties can make your decision to recycle more difficult. Let's cover the basics and some nuances so you have a foundation upon which to excel.
This section asks how familiar you are with each statement.
This is new information to me.
I had a general understanding of this but not specifics.
I am very familiar with this information.
1. We have single-stream recycling on campus. Plastic containers, paper, cardboard, and cans can be mixed.
2. No glass, plastic bags/liners (even if it has a triangle with a number), Styrofoam, or wrappers in single-stream. Glass hauling and sorting is hazardous. Plastic bags get tangled in equipment.
3. Food or beverage containers should be empty and clean to recycle. Clean materials are more valuable and sanitary.
4. If you live off campus in a house or apartment with 4 or fewer units, you are paying for curbside recycling. Get your bin at City Hall.
5. Paper towels, napkins, and tissues do not belong in recycling. Their paper fibers are too small to be recycled into something new.
6. Cardboard should be flattened when recycling to preserve space for more recycling.
7. The UI has 7 sustainability targets to reach by 2020. One of those is 60% waste diversion, meaning 60% of campus materials should be recycle, composted, or reused.
8. The majority of your recycling-related questions can be answered at
9. All recycling bins are single-stream recycling (unless it is specifically for confidential paper waste). A recycling bin that has a slot for paper or a hole for cans can actually take all items fit for single-stream recycling.
10. Pizza boxes! If they're pretty clean and non-greasy, recycle them. If they're full of grease and cheese, do not recycle them (or recycle just the lid).
Pledge (1-2 minutes)
Here are our 8 weeks of activities. We'll promote one activity each week.

To log your participation and enter the weekly drawings, go to and click on the activity name.

If you log your participation in 4 or more activities, you are deemed a WASTE ZERO HERO. You'll receive a certificate that says so and be recognized at our Earth Month Celebration in April. 98 were recognized last year!

Choose the activities you pledge to do.
For the activities you commit to, we'll email you a reminder on the week of that activity to participate.
I pledge to participate!
RecycleMania Pledge: Week 1 (Feb 1-7), you're just about done!
Mug Shots: Week 2 (Feb 8-14), use a reusable mug or water bottle; we're handing out 600 across campus.
Visual audits: Week 3 (Feb 15-21): Consult our long List of Recyclable Items (LORI) to see what to recycle and how.
Spring Cleanout: Week 4 (Feb 22-28), clean your office or dorm and recycle!
Zero Waste Future: Week 5 (Mar 1-7), attend our March 5 Zero-Food-Waste Iowa City panel discussion from 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.
Eco Hawk Training: Week 6 (Mar 8-14), sign up to attend our March 11 (6:00-7:30 UCC 2520D for students) or March 12 (2:30-4:00 UCC2520D for faculty-staff) Eco Hawk training.
Trash Free: Week 7 (Mar 15-21), strut your Tiny Trash and your minimal waste ways. It's pretty easy, isn't it? Want a Tiny Trash? We'll get you one.
Recycling Literacy Quiz: Week 8 (Mar 22-28), we'll ask some similar questions as above to determine our campus recycling literacy.
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