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Please read the informational sheet BEFORE filling out the application. Application deadline is November 1st, 2017
Host Facility Information
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Facility address *
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Would you be interested in hosting a Local (100-200 kids) or Sub Regional (96 kids) event *
What day of the week would you have available for a DCP? *
Please note on weekend dates you should expect over 150 players
Please give any specific date you have open to host a DCP *
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Please give the time range we will be able to start the competition *
For densely populated areas (Detroit, Grant Rapids...) or a weekend we will need to start before 12:00pm due to heavy registration numbers we will expect anywhere from 170-230 kids participating.
Would we be using your driving range or a golf hole? We will nee a space that is at minimum 300 yards long and 40 yards wide *
Please keep in mind if we use the driving range the range MUST be a minimum of 40 yards wide with an additional 4-6 spots for juniors to warm up. The range must be 300 yards long. If we use a golf hole we will need set out or strap the night before, please inform your green crew not to run it over in the morning.
Staffing/Volunteers: You will be asked to provide 9-12 volunteers please check the box if you are willing and able to coordinate enough volunteers for the event *
Extra Activities: will you be interested in hosting any other activities at your facility during the DCP? If yes, please jot down the activities *
We will be bringing anywhere from 200-500 people to your property, between parents, siblings and participants...we highly suggest having other events to capture the 200-500 people & turn them into a returning patron. Extra activities could be as simple as having a "stay and play 9 rate" or F & B specials or as complex as running a parent/sibling lesson clinic. Please note you will be responsible for staffing & running your extra activities, I will help advertise them to the participants in advance.
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Proximity/Logistics *
How close is your driving area, scoring area, chipping/putting green and club house?
I have read and reviews the host facility requirements. I have measured the driving area to ensure it is at least 300 yards long and 40 yards wide, with additional space to warm up. I will have 9-12 staff/volunteers that will arrive 1 hour before the competition starts. *
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