Application Form (Year 1 only) - ISGP WCA Seminar for University Students (2019/20)
The following form is to be completed by applicants wishing to attend Year 1 of the ISGP Seminars for University Students in Australia. This form is the first step to attend the seminar. Following the receipt of an invitation letter to attend the seminar, participants will complete a registration form confirming their attendance, and will thereafter arrange for the payment of the seminar fee.

Applicants completing this form should be aware that they will only be invited to the seminar taking place within the region that they live. This ensures that the seminars complement the developments taking place in the areas they are being offered and participants are able to engage with peers that come from similar clusters and universities.

WCA Seminar Details
For participants from WA, NT and SA (WCA Region)
Offering Years 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the program
29th January 2020 - 9th February 2020
Coordinating team:

After this application closes as per the announcement, the applications will be reviewed, and if accepted, applicants will receive an invitation by email. Any late applications will be placed on a waiting list.
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Reflection Questions
The purpose of this exercise is to give you an opportunity to personally reflect on your current path of service, why you want to come to the seminar, and your personal life goals. We encourage you to answer these questions succinctly and speak from the heart.
What has been your recent involvement, if any, in the study of the Ruhi Institute courses and its associated activities? *
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What are some of your educational, career, and service goals, as you now understand them? *
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Financial Information
The seminar fee is set at $600 per person. This covers accommodation for 12 days and 11 nights, all meals, printing and the purchase of other materials. Payment will only need to be made after you have received an invitation letter.
Are you able to cover the full cost of the seminar yourself? *
If you select no, the Coordinating Team will be in touch with you in due course.
If you have answered yes to the above question, how do you plan to pay the seminar fee?
If you wish to make payments by installments before the seminar begins, please specify your plan in "Other".
Additional Information
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You should receive a summary of your responses to your email address as confirmation that this form has been submitted. If you do not receive this, please email so that we can check if it has been received.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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