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Please share your opinions and experiences with the products of different brands for radio amateurs.
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Do you see yourself as a radio amateur? *
Amateur radio is very versatile. What is your biggest interest?
What is your callsign? If you don't have it, write "no" *
How many countries are left in your Most wanted list?
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Do you participate in contests? *
What contests do you participate in?
List TOP-3 online resources where you communicate with like-minded people?
Who is an expert in amateur radio electronics for you?
Where do you find expert opinion about products for radio amateurs that you trust?
What bands do you work on?
What kind of transceiver do you use ? *
Do you use HF power amplifier? *
Do you use these types of antennas *
When it comes to tuning your antenna system, what kind of device do you use to do this? *
So, let's hear your thoughts about antenna analyzers. Which of the following would influence your decision the most for purchasing? *
When did you last buy an antenna analyzer product? *
How often do you use antenna & cable analyzer? *
What is more important to you when choosing antenna analyzer? *
What price would you think it's too cheap to be good quality? *
OK—and finally, at what price is it getting expensive, but still not out of the question? *
When you think of antenna & cable analyzer, what brands come to mind?
Which brand of antenna analyzers do you think best meets your expectations? *
Do you have any antenna analyzer? *
What brand of antenna analyzer do you have?
Have you considered any other brands of antenna analyzers besides your favorite? If so, which ones? *
Why did you decide to purchase your brand, as opposed to its competitors?
What was the main factor for you when choosing your analyzer?
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How are you satisfied with your analyzer?
absolutely not happy
absolutely happy
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Have you had any problems with your antenna analyzer?
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Describe if you apply to someone for help solving the problem and if they helped you?
How likely are you to recommend your analyzer's brand to a friend or colleague?
Not reccomend
Definitely recommend
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What is the most important reason for your score?
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What's your age range? *
...and your yearly income? *
Which country do you live in? *
What's your current employment status? *
Do you want to take part in testing new radio amateur equipment as a beta tester in the future? If yes, do not forget to enter your e-mail *
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