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Sessions are determined after this form has been submitted to the Head of Technology Services. Requests will be vetted against available computer volunteers and training desired. The computer volunteer will be contacted, given a brief review of the request and then given the contact information for the participant. The Computer Volunteer will then contact the participant to arrange a date and time to meet in the library for training. All participant information is kept confidential and logs are kept from each training session. Participants will be asked to fill out an evaluation at the end of their training session(s).
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All personal information will remain confidential
This service does NOT provide troubleshooting or computer repair (hardware or software)
This is NOT a consulting service in that we will not provide on-going direction or advice
I will respectfully contact my Computer Volunteer if I will NOT be able to meet our agreed upon training session
I will not share the Computer Volunteer's contact information
This is a FREE service, all we ask is that you fill out an evaluation form when you feel you have completed training
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