Lessons Sign-up for Week 4 (Week beginning 21st October)
Please make sure you are a member of Warwick Riding before you sign up for lessons, you will not be able to ride if you are not a member.

By filling out this form you consent to us giving out your phone number to the other riders in your lesson group, your numbers will only be used to contact you in case of lateness, emergency or cancellations
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Please sign up for a lesson that is appropriate for you, information on what each lesson covers is on our 'Find Your Level' page.
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Please pay NOW. If for whatever reason your lesson is cancelled we can either refund you or it will carry forwards to the next lesson you ride in. (link:https://www.uwriding.club/lessons.html)
Driver *
Do you have a car and are willing to drive? You will be reimbursed for petrol :)
How many seats (excluding the driver's) are there in your car?
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As you are aware, we rely on Taxis to run lessons each week. Would you be willing to book the Taxi for your lesson, to and from the stables? You will be refunded by the club in 1-2 weeks. *
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