WEMIN needs analysis for the development of training materials for migrant and refugee women essential for social inclusion in host country
Information for experts

One of the objectives of the European project WEMIN, which targets migrant and refugee women in order to promote greater integration, is to design a methodology and learning resource to support the acquirement of skills migrant and refugee women will need to ensure social inclusion in their new host countries.

The methodology needs to respect the specific learning needs, the personal situation, the educational level and the existing learning experience of migrant and refugee women. The learning resource materials will be selected with a view to increase self-esteem, motivate and empower migrant and refugee women and to support them to acquire new skills and competences for their life in their host country.

The resource materials will cover and include the following fields and subjects: existing free language learning software (of the host country’s language), vocabulary related to the social and cultural life of the host country, history of the host country, core values of the host country, the social and cultural life in the host country, the European dimension with information on the EU and principles of intercultural communication.
The training course will involve 80 hours of learning and will use the principles and methods of non-formal and informal learning. Participants will assume a very active role during the programme sharing their knowledge, experience, ideas and questions related to the topic.


A preliminary consultation of experts is considered fundamental to find out what needs to be taken into account for the development and refinement of the methodology and recommended resources.
The project partner from your country has selected you as a relevant expert whose views may contribute to enhance the efficacy of the WEMIN project.

The purpose of this activity is to collect information and opinions from experts, trainers, counselors and social workers working with migrant and refugee women to develop up-to-date and real needs based, useful and applicable learning and training interventions.
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