Vanderburgh CISMA Survey
We are looking to start a Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area (CISMA) here in Vanderburgh County, but we need your help. CISMAs are grassroots organizations that are formed to tackle invasive species at the local level. They can help partners to prioritize invasive management, cross landownership boundaries to survey and control invasive plants, and provide local education and outreach on invasive species.

Please complete this survey to help us understand who is willing and able to participate and what our priorities should be. We are here for YOU!

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1. I would describe myself as (mark all that apply): *
Question 2 of 13
2. Rank your general knowledge of invasive species in the County. *
Very knowledgeable
Question 3 of 13
3a. Do you currently manage invasive species on your property or as part of your job? *
3b. If you answered yes, what type(s) of invasives do you manage? (Mark all that apply.)
Question 4 of 13
4. What areas would you be interested in learning to manage for invasives? (Mark all that apply.)
We understand that some survey takers are more aware of local invasive species issues than others. Most of the following questions are optional, so feel free to skip any questions if you don't know how to answer them.
Question 5 of 13
5a. Are you aware of any current or past efforts in the County to manage invasives?
5b. If you answered yes, please explain Who, Where, and/or What Species.
Your answer
Question 6 of 13
6. In your opinion, how aware is the general community of the threat posed by invasives?
Not aware at all
Very Aware
Question 7 of 13
7. In your opinion, how much of a concern are invasives to the leadership of the County?
Great Concern
Question 8 of 13
8. Which invasive threats do you see as the biggest problem in our area?
Use following drop down menus to rank your top 3.
8a. Number 1 (biggest problem)
If you chose other, please explain:
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8b. Number 2
If you chose other, please explain:
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8c. Number 3
If you chose other, please explain:
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Question 9 of 13
9. Which invasive species do you think are the biggest problem or threat to our County?
Use the following 5 drop down menus to select your top 5 choices.
9a. Number 1 (biggest problem)
If you answered other above, please list the species here.
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9b. Number 2
If you answered other above, please list the species here.
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9b. Number 3
If you answered other above, please list the species here.
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9b. Number 4
If you answered other above, please list the species here.
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9b. Number 5
If you answered other above, please list the species here.
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10. Invasive species can include plants, animals, or insects, and can be terrestrial (on land) or aquatic (in water). Do you think our new CISMA should focus only on terrestrial invasive plants, or include multiple invasive species in addition to terrestrial plants?
Question 11 of 13
11. What activities would you most like to see from a new CISMA? Please mark your top 2 choices, then any additional activities you would also like in the third column.
Choice 1 (mark only one)
Choice 2 (mark only one)
Additional selections (optional)
Education/outreach at events
Create invasive plant brochures or other publications
Create invasive awareness signs for public areas
Invasive ID training
Invasive control training
Invasive plant survey/inventory of public lands (such as road surveys)
Invasive plant surveys of private lands
Small control projects like volunteer workdays
Large control projects for public lands
Large control projects for private lands
OTHER (describe below)
If you marked OTHER above, please describe:
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Question 12 of 13
12. As our new CISMA starts, we will be looking for leaders, volunteers, and experts. Mark any of the following that you are able to help with, or if you would just like to be on our email list:
Question 13 of 13
13. Please provide your contact info
If you marked any of the boxes in question 12 and would like to help with our new CISMA, or just be added to our email list, please provide your name and contact info so we can reach you:
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Phone (optional):
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Additional comments?
Please feel free to list any additional comments, suggestions, or questions you have.
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