Spring 2021 Season Champion T-Shirts
Coach/Team Manager-

This is an order form to order the South Central District (SCD) League Championship T-shirts for your team (players only).

Teams that do not fill this out for your team and you win your division you will be provided t shirts in a quantity and sizes of the League choosing and there will be no appeal or complaining - No Exceptions

1) ONLY ONE ORDER PER TEAM - Coordinate with YOUR team management so only one order per team is entered. If more than one is entered SCD will select one of the orders.

2) All teams 11U and up should complete this order form!
*****10U and below need not fill it out since there are no division winners*****

3) Only those PLAYERS on your roster are eligible to get a t-shirt. We understand you may have other players that have participated with your team but we are limiting to players on your roster.

4) ADULTS on the roster will not get shirts - this is for the kids and NOT the coaches/managers. Do not order for the adults.
*****We will be checking your order to your roster*****

6) The deadline is at Midnight the end of 05/02/2020

PLEASE NOTE - Only the division winners will get t-shirts. However, all teams must complete this form by the deadline. If your team wins the division and the club does not fill out the form, the team will not get shirts. All other orders will be deleted. The reason for doing this is so we can get the orders in quickly to the vendor and the district can get the shirts to the league championship teams in a timely manner.

If you have any questions, contact your respective commissioner.

South Central District


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