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HomeAgain is a grassroots, membership-driven community made up of virtual tour guides and travelers who regularly connect with one another to build friendships and promote positive human connection. Our platform empowers its members to start a healthy habit by expanding their social community, learning new things, and offering their time and companionship to someone else. A series of shared virtual experiences, including travel destinations, museums, and wildlife, serve as icebreakers for conversation. Basically, we are a new kind of social platform that puts the focus back where it belongs: on the people.
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Overview of Volunteer Roles
Tour guide and Traveler: Act as both a tour guide and traveler for members of our community, including fellow volunteers and non-volunteers. Sharing the vision of our organization is also an important part of this role. If everyone helps spread the word and raise awareness, we can make meaningful human connection available to everyone, including the most isolated people.

Virtual Experience Builder: Work with our tour-building team to create virtual experiences by doing research, finding pictures, and/or writing scripts.

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