Calvary Baltimore Event Proposal
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What is the name of this idea or initiative?
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Which Calvary Ministry or Strategic Team is presenting this proposal?
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Who is the Ministry Leader or Team Facilitator?
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Who will lead (organize, oversee) the execution of this proposal?
5. Justification *
Describe the problem or need this proposal will address.
6. The Goal *
In one sentence, what is the goal of implementing this proposal?
7. The Plan *
Describe your plan in detail; what you want to do and how and where you plan to do it.
8. Impact to Members/Community *
How will your plan impact members or the community? Is this plan directed to a specific demographic? How will they participate?
9. Support Needed *
What support do you need from other Ministries, Strategic Teams, Calvary Leadership, or church members?
10. Ministry or Strategic Team *
Does this event overlap with the interests of another ministry or strategic team?
11. Costs *
Is there a cost associated with implementing your plan?
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When do you anticipate doing this?
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Will this be a one-time activity/event or will it reoccur, for X weeks, or monthly, etc.?
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