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To be completed by applicants for the June 10th thru August 12th 2018 Summer Internship Semester
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Spiritual Self-Assessment
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Lifestyle and Internship Expectations
As a member of the New Life Summer Internship Group, students will be held
accountable to the following standards. These are to help guide the
students in a life that is honoring and pleasing to God and one that is a
good example of a life of leadership.
As an Intern:

1) I will live a clean, obedient, exemplary life; one that honors God and all that
He stands for.

2) I will consistently promote the mission & Vision of New Life Church.

3) I will arrive on time to respect the time of my team and leaders.

4) I will use social media to uplift and encourage others, along with promoting
New Life Church.

5) I will be a person who speaks life into others, and will refrain from
swearing, any negative talk, put-downs or gossip.

6) I will honor my leaders by being a servant.

7) I will always “vent up." (Talking to leaders about issues, not my peers.)

8) I will refrain from listening to music that will tear me down or make me
think negatively about others or myself, or not help me to live a pure

9) I will refrain from websites, social media, videos, movies or anything that tears me
down or present a struggle for me to maintain a life of purity.

10) I will attempt be a Godly example to my friends and family.

11) I will refrain from sexual relationships or situations that will compromise my

12) I will dress appropriately at all times, honoring God and my body.

13) I will seek God personally in my life through devotions and prayer

I understand and agree to abide by all of the above-listed standards. I will do my best
to fulfill all of them and live a Christ-like lifestyle, one worthy of a Christian leader. If
at any time I am unable or unwilling to faithfully do so, I will remove myself from the

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