Counting, unitising and using coins
This assessment should be taken once you've watched the video on Multiplication below. This may be revision for starters but remember to join in with the language as this'll support later on. Don't worry if you get all the answers incorrect,as it is a chance for you to review your own learning. Remember to practise the activities at the end of the video and it would be great to see some of these pictures of these sent to our school learning email.

Watch the video on counting in 2s first.
Write Your First name and initial of your surname e.g. John S *
Fill in the next number in the sequence 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, *
1 point
The numbers with the numicon pieces above are
1 point
Clear selection
What is the even number that is 2 less than 8? *
1 point
There are _____ bikes *
1 point
There are ____ wheels altogether. *
1 point
1 point
Captionless Image
Clear selection
Tick the statements that are true about the picture above.
3 points
There are 5 groups of 2.
There are 4 groups of 2.
In each group there are 2 counters.
There are 3 groups of 2 which is 6 altogether.
There are 4 groups of 2 which is 8 altogether.
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