ICon Second Trimester Program Placement Registration 2020-21
Please note, we have limited spots available. This registration closes at 5 PM November 14th. We will contact you prior to Thanksgiving Break to let you know your placement status. Thank you for your interest!
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ICon Program Descriptions:
Classical I:
A program for students who are suited for ballet and modern dance technique with additional interest in a continuation of learning technique in the areas of contemporary and jazz. It is a 2-day program for a total of 7 hours weekly. It can partner with other 2-day focus area cohorts if appropriate for the student.

Classical II:
A program built for advanced students in the areas of ballet and modern dance. Students are typically on pointe and desire an intensive 4-day experience in the classical area. The total weekly hours of study are 14, with the option of opting for just 2-days on a case-by-case basis.

Variety I:
A program that helps shape strong dancers in the areas of jazz, tap, contemporary, and ballet. It is intended to continue those students who have already begun their study in several areas of dance in a more rigorous conservatory experience. It is a 2-day program, totalling 7 hours per week.

Variety II:
A program for more advanced dancers in the area of jazz, tap, and contemporary that seek rigorous study in the conservatory setting, and continues to grow their experiences in ballet technique as well. This 2-day program provides 7 hours of learning and if deemed appropriate, can partner with the Classical I cohort for a very intensive 14-hour dance experience.

Theatre and Visual Arts I :
This program is for students in upper-elementary school with interest and promise in the areas of singing, dancing, acting, and visual arts. The program provides a foundation in fine arts and explores acting, singing, and dancing to provide a strong foundation for future stage arts participation.

Theatre and Visual Arts II:
This program is for secondary students looking for a deeper experience in theatre arts, with in-depth study in the foundations of acting, musical theater, and fine arts. This program provides dance training for actors and singers, as well as offers foundations in visual arts for those that may want to explore the design and production side of stage arts.
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